3D Movies

We provide high-end scientific 3D graphics, creating immersive movies explaining modes of action. The quality ranges from normal TV resolution up to full HD stereoscopic 3D movies. You can use these visuals as a support for your website, conferences or TV spots.

To see how we can work together, please have a look at our movie work process.

Interactive Applications

We provide custom interactive applications, enabling 360 degrees exploration of your subject at the pace of the viewer. The platforms range from iphones to super computers. The technology needed is scalable on all platforms with little to no loss of quality.

DVD and BD

We provide custom DVDs or Blu-ray discs to broaden your communication material or to replace burdensome paper versions. We make it personalized with the help of custom 3D images or animations.

Illustrations and Posters

We create high resolution illustrations and posters for your conferences or powerpoint presentations. These images increase the impact of your communication material with the help of impressive and memorable visuals.