How we can work together

Phase 1: Understanding

We need to understand the science that is behind your vision. You can rest assured that it is a deep understanding as we collaborate with various experts at the Life Science department of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. Once the message is correctly identified and scientifically verified, we design a story board describing the elements and interactions that carry the story in the movie.
Phase 2: Creation

Based on the story board of Phase 1, we start to create all the biological elements necessary, from our scientific databases or reconstructions from your research. We create as well the individual behaviors of each class of biological elements and how they interact with each other. This creates the basis for the simulation.
Phase 3: Simulation

All the biological elements of Phase 2 are dropped into a virtual universe and act on their own using our specialized simulation and rendering platform. Your vision is not a limiting factor as we handle the massive amount of dynamicism automatically.
Phase 4: Stylization

We paint the world with the look and feel that best fits your message and your target audience.
Phase 5: Editing

We create and synchronize legends describing the processes in the movie. Later on we add audio tracks such as narration, music and special sound effects.
Phase 6: Delivery

We create the final gold version of the movie in your desired format such as for high definition TV viewing, streaming video for the Web or printing material.